Mold Manufacture

3D Metal Printing + High Speed Milling

Integrated production complex molds can save production time.

Advantages of 3D metal printing, you can create the conformal cooling waterway close the mold surface, shorten the cooling time.

The gas-assisted injection of use the porous modeling technology to prevent sink marks.

Control the laser melting power, changing the sintered density, configured the porous structure in the desired portion for exhaust.

Shorten the resin filling time, to prevent uneven filling and corrosive gas.

With helical waterway gate sets

  • 3D conformal cooling waterway
  • Local exhaust passage
  • Integration of complex shape processing
  • Surface accuracy of ± 5/1000

  • Easier than the traditional way of producing complex molds
  • Shorten the cooling time of injection
  • Enhance the quality of plastic products
  • Improve production efficiency

  • Iron-based material
  • Maraging steel
  • Titanium
  • SUS630 (Matsuura stainless steel 630)
  • and etc

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